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Join up forces

We've been providing on-going support to  Acton Homeless Concern since the early days of lockdown. We met the 90 year old servicing reverend who popped out while we were delivering the meals and asked to pass on his thanks to everyone. We are very grateful for all your donations and they have made a real difference! 
If you'd like to take part and contribute, please join us on any of Hoja's current regular donations; 
  • 35 portions of meals each day to the Estate for people in need, Monday to Friday
  • 10-15 portions of meals each day to W3 community, Monday to Saturday
  • £150 worth of food and necessities to Ealing Foodbank on Wednesdays
We welcome anyone who would like to give a helping hand, either through our donation page or let us know if you'd like to provide any food / meals.
Support our community today! 🙂